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Purchase IMPs

Server host located in USA, but it'

Terms of Agreement

No refunds will be granted.

Donating does not grant the right to explicit behavior.

I will not refund for any rules-breaking reason that got you banned

If you donated, that doesnt mean you have the rights to talk shit and do whatever you want.

Donation Instructions

Once you finish donating, please send a message to [GM]JEFEYERE or the mail: [email protected]

Containing: Transcript ID/Amount Donated/Account ID.

Thank You for your time and donation. You should recieve your donation coins within 24 hours.

If you have not recieved your donation coins by then, contact [GM]JEFEYERE is 24/7 on server or throught discord.

$10 USD100
$20 USD200
$50 USD500
$100 USD1000
Mall points

Server Rates

  • Solo Exp 15
  • Party Exp 15
  • Drop Rate 10
  • Pet Growth 200
  • Max Player Lvl 90
  • Max Pet Lvl 43